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Anthony Seymour Browne

Meet the author, Anthony Seymour Browne, who shares his experience, knowledge and encouragement for those interested. In "changing aged-old traditions and meeting 21st Century global demands." To experience better health and clean bathrooms and toilets through unisex toilet training and unisex toilet retraining.

Anthony Seymour Browne

Anthony Seymour Browne is the pioneer of the concepts Unisex Toilet Retraining for men and Unisex Toilet Training for boys. Changing aged-old traditions and meeting 21st Century global demands for clean toilets and bathrooms. He presents these ideas in his two new books. “Unisex Toilet Retraining Urinating Sitting Down Produces Clean Toilets. Urinating Standing Up Creates Smelly Filthy Unsanitary Toilets.” His second book: “Unisex Toilet Training Overall Superior, Simpler, Quicker, Easier, Cleaner and Healthier Than Standard Toilet Training.”

Some extraordinary events led to those books. Anthony, as a young married man in 1968, had the insight of toilet training himself to pee sitting down. After, standing and peeing at home and wetting his feet he decided on sitting down to have a clean bathroom.

To his surprise on February 11th, 2013 he sees proposals for legislation by Sweden and Taiwan governments; encouraging men to sit down to urinate in public toilets, with the of objective clean toilets. This interests him because those proposals highlight his lifestyle change of the past 45 years. Anthony researches the topic and discovers the main reasons why a male's urine goes off track: are because, of the urethra and tip of the penis. His Aha moment! Critical information why men unintentionally squirt urine in bathrooms no matter how hard they try to aim straight.

His diligent inquiry and careful search reveal Boys' Standard Toilet Training ignores those essential truths. Teaching the impossible, practice makes a perfect aim. A false idea that causes a wide range of human emotions, and pain. Anthony ponders even if all adult males accept retraining it is only correcting and not eliminating the problem. Standard boys' toilet training is the main cause and needs immediate replacement. Otherwise, toilet retraining for men would be like a recurring decimal.

The Author reflects on the first potty training for toddler girls, and boys are unisex potty training. As both genders sit down for urination and bowel movement. Girls continuing sitting down and growing as adults and producing clean toilets. Therefore, if boys follow the same routine as girls they will also grow as adults and similarly produce clean toilets. Providing the basis and title for his other book: Unisex Toilet Training, Overall Superior, Simpler, Quicker, Easier, Cleaner and Healthier Than Standard Toilet Training.

His two new books Unisex Toilet Training and Unisex Toilet Retraining are vital for clean toilets. Unisex Toilet training educates millions of young boys each year in proper urine disposal. Unisex Toilet Retraining educates men on essential methods to produce clean toilets. Consequently, both books are "Changing Aged-old Traditions and Meeting 21st Century Global Demands." For, clean bathrooms at home and in Unisex Restrooms, Unisex Toilets and Public Toilets.

Anthony Seymour Browne was born in Barbados and lived in Montserrat and the U.S.A. Graduate of Bernard M. Baruch College, the City University of New York, with BBA Degree in Accounting. An Ordained Minister as of June 12, 1993 and  he follows Jesus Christ's model. After, 32 years in America Anthony returns to Barbados where he presently resides with his wife, the former Wendy Franklin.

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