Adult Toilet Training and Retraining
are New and Rewarding Concepts

Adult toilet training and a retraining are new concepts that will change the way men use the bathroom.

What Training and Retraining?

The toilet training and retraining for adults, new concepts that are very rewarding. If, someone mentions the term “adult training and retraining,” what comes to your mind? Perhaps a refresher course in manners and the use of “please” and “thank you?”

Adult Toliet Training

One hardly would consider, Men peeing standing up requiring adult toilet training and toilet retraining. Although, the unclean and unhygienic Men's restrooms indicate how men use them are atrocious and require a new method.

First, the most important part of toilet retraining is urinating sitting down rather than urinating standing up. Second, learning the simple skill sets such as wiping a penis after urinating rather than shaking the penis. Let us repeat, shaking the penis is the greatest reason for urine odors on clothing and in the bathroom.

Also, sitting down and dropping the pants rather than standing and peeing through a pants fly and trapping urine in the penis. These are only a few of retraining techniques with tremendous rewards. These and many more are in the book. “Unisex Toilet Retraining, Urinating Sitting Down Produces Clean Toilets. Urinating Standing Up Creates Smelly Filthy Unsanitary Toilets.”

Benefits of Retraining

In addition, after adult retraining amazing things happen in private and public bathrooms. Let us look at some other main rewards.

1. No more bathrooms that quickly becomes filthy when men stand to urinate. This is especially true in high traffic public bathrooms. Unless someone cleans the toilet or a urinal immediately after males urinate. Men's restrooms are going to have unsightly yellow stains and smelly urine odors and feel unclean.

2.  Cleaning a bathroom is usually a most dreaded chore. Employees hate cleaning bathrooms, and the Men’s are always filthier than the females. Women in the home dislike cleaning their bathrooms and also employees cleaning affluent homes. The main point is that we dislike cleaning another person's urine. Best of all, this disgusting chore, would not exist at all if; men make the effort to sit on the toilet and pee.

3.  Bathrooms private and public are less filthy after males learn to sit down and pee. Cleaning bathrooms are easier because the seat and surrounding areas are not messy with urine. As a result, those cleaning the bathrooms become more productive. Why? It is no secret getting rid of urine stains and odors consumes time and energy.

4.  A major reward of toilet retraining is enjoying some comfort. Males are more comfortable sitting down on the toilet than standing up at a urinal. They can relax and pick up something to read while they attend to the call of nature. Whereas, standing at a urinal produces the mindset of rushing. Moving away from the urinal so the next man on line can step up and use the urinal. Sadly, the sight of a stranger standing and waiting creates pressure and delays one's urine flow. Sitting down in a stall replaces those experiences with comfort and relaxation.

5. Another point is after the new toilet retraining; men and women can peacefully share restrooms without urinals. Urinals require extra space for two completely different style bathrooms for each gender. Replacing urinals with stalls, businesses have more space and can provide spacious and pleasing and comfortable unisex bathrooms. Best of all, this method eliminates women waiting in long lines. Finally, both males and females can enter the privacy of a stall and maintain some dignity.

Thinking of other reasons men should consider adult toilet training and retraining, is not difficult. After seeing the logic behind the idea of toilet retraining, encourage men in your life to embrace the concept. Especially, if the public bathrooms in your country or community are filthy, right now.

 The rewards are many and the one most men will enjoy is clean public toilets without stepping into puddles of urine and inhaling smelly urine odors.

Yes, urinating sitting down produces clean toilets and urinating standing up creates smelly filthy unsanitary toilets. Therefore, the new adult toilet training and retraining are rewarding.

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