Begin Toilet Training and
Retraining for Cleaner Toilets

Why should men begin toilet training and retraining? The home bathrooms and public restrooms provide the answers.

Woman Cleaning Toilet

The Home Bathrooms

In the home bathrooms, women are continually cleaning urine odor. That is why the most common complaint against husbands is the mess they make while peeing.

The simple solution is sitting down and peeing into the toilet bowl without messing the floor, the toilet seat and the lid. So cleaning up urine odor will not exist. That is why men should begin toilet training and toilet retraining for cleaner toilets at home and also in public toilets.

Public Restrooms Worldwide

What public restrooms worldwide reveal? Imagine walking into a current public restroom. The sign reads “Men Only Restroom” enter and take a deep breath and the horrible smell of human urine. Look at the urinals and observe the yellow tint inside each one. The yellow stains underneath the urinals without cleaning for a day or two. Push open a stall and inhale different unpleasant odors and some ugly sights.

Dirty Toilet

Those are experiences in public restrooms where men are urinating standing up. It is true. Even men cannot deny the fact that public restrooms for men are among the filthiest places on the planet. Why so? Several issues are responsible. The foremost is men peeing standing up. Sometimes the lack of force to urine flow makes directing the stream difficult and urine falls on the floor.

On other occasions urine squirts in a direction, not intended. Both cause urine puddles on the floor. Another problem is urine drainage and dripping. Worst of all is the general habit of shaking the penis to get rid of residual urine. This practice sprays urine all over the bathroom. These collectively causes horrible urine odor in public bathrooms.

Public Bathrooms of The Future

This is a new vision for public bathrooms of the future. Imagine this public restroom, the sign reads “Unisex Public Restroom.” As one enter and take a deep breath there is no human urine odor, and rows of private stalls replace filthy urinals with yellow stains. In the stalls, there are no unpleasant sights and urine stench.

Clean Restroom

Those are the experiences in unisex public bathrooms when men begin accepting toilet training and retraining urinating sitting down. Thus, eliminating urine on the floor and walls. Also, sitting down in the privacy of a stall and dropping the pants and milking the Urethra. The effective method of removing remaining urine onto tissue held at the tip the penis. This is the best practice and not the famous shaking of the penis.

If, men accept those techniques and retrain themselves clean public restrooms will be a reality. Why are the females' restrooms cleaner than those exclusively for men? Women usually urinate in the sitting position. It is amazing the difference between filthy bathrooms and clean ones are from sitting down. It makes a tremendous difference the way bathrooms, smell and look. So beginning toilet training or retraining for cleaner toilets, both in home bathrooms and also in public toilets is an idea whose time has come.

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