How Standard Boys Potty Training
Creates A Lifetime of Problems

Standard boys potty training creates a lifetime of problems.  There is a better way to toilet train.

Boy on Potty Chair

The reason that traditional potty training for boys creates a lifetime of problems is because it trains boys to urinate standing up. True, it is the widest accepted form of toilet training, but is it the best? The answer is an emphatic, NO! When, moving boys and girls from the diaper stage boys and girls first training is sitting down on the potty for urinating and eliminating the bowels. It makes sense, and toddlers, both boys and girls, easily adapt to this comfortable sitting position.

Sitting Down and Standing Up

Later on, potty training of little boys changes from sitting down to standing up. Sitting down to poo and standing up to pee. That change is a difficult task and creates a lifetime of problems. Let's face it; a toddler boy cannot get his urine into the training potty, or the toilet bowl from a standing position and there begins the problems. We have abundant evidence problems do not stop at the toddler stage, but continues as adult men.

It is true the biggest complaints about public restrooms for men are puddles of urine on the floor from missing the urinal. Let us trace the mess and show how standard boys' toilet training creates a lifetime of problems. As boys grow, they become taller. As they pee standing up, their pee has further and further to go. Even if they are aiming at the water in the toilet bowl, some of it will splash and spray, the taller they are, the more it will splash. This makes for a great mess and requires daily cleaning of the bathroom.

On the other hand, unisex toilet training teaches boys how to pee sitting down. They continue sitting down and become grown men sitting and peeing straight into the toilet bowl.

Let us think about some, what ifs. What if a boy or man cannot stand up, what if they have a physical problem that keeps them from standing? What if a male has tremors that occur with sufferers of Parkinson's and Essential Tremor conditions? Urinating standing up, and holding his penis would be difficult for men with tremor of his hands. That is why learning to sit down through toilet retraining benefits men who have tremors as it helps with hygiene and cleanliness.

It Gets Messy

Boy Needs to Pee

Another issue is in the public restroom scenario. Many Men's restrooms have two, three, or more urinals and sometimes only one stall for sitting down. This forces boys to use a urinal. Some boys are modest and may not feel comfortable urinating in front of other persons. So they look for an available stall and find none. In this case, some boys may choose not to go pee to keep from suffering the embarrassment. If, the restrooms had private stalls for all this would help to remedy this issue.

Sitting Makes More Sense Than Standing

Occasionally, both boys and men face this situation. They are at a urinal and suddenly realize they also want to have a bowel movement. That is a real crisis. On the other hand, if they are sitting down each time there is not a problem. They are able to attend to which ever call of nature come along.

It just makes more sense because standard boys potty training creates a lifetime of problems. On the other hand, unisex toilet training is overall superior, simpler, quicker, easier, cleaner and healthier than standard boys potty training.

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