Child Potty Training the
Unisex Way Is Easy For Moms

Child potty training the unisex training way is easy for Moms. Whether a first time Mom, professional woman, single mother or Mom with multiple births and mixed genders. In addition, this new training is also easy for other siblings. Let us see how each one of those Moms will benefit.

Child Potty Training

A First Time  Mom

Unisex toilet training provides many benefits for the first time mom. It is true the prospect of toilet training a child often terrifies a first time mom. When she focuses she lacks previous experience. However, if her first child is a girl, she is not as terrified. She could teach her what she knows and does when using the bathroom.

On the other hand, it is completely different with a little boy. Standard toilet training makes it difficult for a female to train a boy. Unisex toilet training eliminates that second step and simplifies the teaching process so that mom can teach a boy what she knows and does. The same routine as she teaches a girl sitting down to poo and pee.

Ideal For Professional Women

Unisex toilet training is ideal for professional women. For example, sometimes a career woman takes time off to fulfill her desire to be a mother: to have a child or children and then return to the work force after their toilet training.

As a result, the professional woman seeks the quickest toilet training method. Research shows standard toilet training for boys and girls vary, not only in method, but more importantly, in the time spent in toilet training.

This new training provides a fast-track for siblings of the same sex, and also for siblings of the opposite sex to teach and to learn from each other. This expedites the toilet training process and allows professional women to accomplish both goals: To fulfill her desire to be a mother and also quickly return to her career.

Easy For Single Mother

Toilet training a boy was a difficult task for single mothers, but now with unisex toilet training boys, is easy for a single mother. How so? A mom’s first issue is getting her little boy or girl, out of diapers and sitting down on the potty. What is interesting, sitting down on the potty and the toilet is a mom's main task in unisex toilet training, because this new training solves the single mother and a male role model issue.

The good news is the difficulties of a single mom toilet training a boy are a thing of the past. Unisex toilet training empowers the single mother to toilet train her little son. As a result, she spends less time toilet training, cleaning the toilet seat, the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor. As a result, a single mother has more time for her other significant activities.

Solves Mom's Male Role Model Issue

This method of child potty training solves the role model issue. In standard toilet training for a boy, the experts suggest single mothers get a suitable male role model. “Having a readily available male role model is the key so arrange for the father, an uncle, an older brother, or a good family friend to do the honors.”  (The honors of teaching her son how pee standing up.)

Unisex child potty training gets rid of a single mother’s challenge in that regard. Have role models with their poor urine elimination practice to teach her son an unhealthy method? Instead, this new toilet training empowers the single mother to toilet train her little son. 

Mom with Multiple Births and Mixed Genders

Unisex toilet training is ideal for a mom with multiple births and mixed genders.

Mom of Twins

Child potty training is the same for the boy and girl. Therefore, it is easier for mom and also easier for both toddlers as the toddlers observe similar habits. This allows the quicker learner of the twins, to show by example and also help the slower learner. The best teaching method is imitation.

With unisex toilet training, mom saves time, extra work and frustration. In the case of mixed twins, teaching her girl one process and her boy another method. Mom also avoids answering questions why, one sibling’s potty training is different from the other.  Also, the tedious task of teaching two different sets of instructions. All, of which will be draining on a mother caring for her twins of mixed genders.

Easier For Mom and Siblings

Unisex toilet training is easier for mom and also easier for siblings. Remember, whether the first child is a boy or girl they sit down on the potty to poo and also to pee. Please think about these key areas. The first child trains in the one-step method and toilet training become easier for the second child regardless of which sex comes along afterward.

Unisex toilet training prevents confusing signals when the little boy stands up to pee, and his little sister sits down to pee. Those different postures puzzle little siblings and results in numerous questions. Not only that, but occasionally one gender imitates the other one and creates some challenges for the mother and siblings, all because of confusing signals.

Yes, the new Unisex Toilet training makes child potty training easy for moms.  Whether they are a first time mom, a professional woman, a single mother or a mom with multiple births and mixed genders, this new training accomplished impressive results. It dismantles stereotypes and removes shackles and provides freedoms and makes child potty training easy for moms.

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