How to Get Rid of Cleaning
Toilet Urine Odors at Home

Many women ask how to get rid of cleaning toilet urine odors at home. Most people think getting rid of recurring odors are an impossible task, but that is not the case.

Cleaning Toilet Urine Odors

To be successful follow these three simple steps:

● Identify the source of the urine odor.

● Isolate the main cause.

● Provide a practical solution rather than encourage the process.

Identify the Source and Main Cause

How to identify the source of the urine odors is easy. Who are the primary users of the bathroom? They are usually residents of the home, close family, relatives, friends, acquaintances and visitors.

What is the main cause of urine odors in the bathroom? Universally, it is males urinating standing up. Clearly we isolate the primary source of urine odors in the bathroom, correct. This is the very essence of how to get rid of cleaning toilet urine odors at home.

Please look carefully at the combination of the source and the main cause of the urine odors. What is essential to know, few aspects of life cause more pain or frustration or heartache or joy than dealing with this intimate group of people. Some, housewives attempt to provide a practical solution by making requests on how people should use their bathroom. They apply stickers and posters and hang plaques in their bathroom.

Popular Bathroom Stickers

The lists of the popular bathroom stickers’ decals come in different statements and applications. Some stickers are for applying to bathroom walls and the toilet bowl and the seat. Others are for the bathroom door entryway, and they read as follows.

● If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.

● Put me down bathroom seat decal.

● I aim to keep this bathroom clean.

● My aim is to keep the bathroom clean. Your aim would help.

● Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean - Gentlemen - Your aim will help, please stand closer -- it's shorter than you think!

● Boys, our aim is to keep the bathroom clean. Your aim will help.

Are these the best practical solutions preventing cleaning toilet odors? Not at all, but rather poor ideas and for several reasons and how so? Because, they encourage males to urinate standing up: the primary reason of urine odors in private toilets and also public toilets worldwide. The Taiwan Government Environmental Protective Agency comprehensive research study of over 100,000 public toilets offers undeniable proof regarding public toilets.

The second reason why those popular bathroom stickers are not the best practical solutions is that they do not outright reject raising the toilet seat. Instead, they speak about the “aim and put me down and stand closer and when you sprinkle." Clearly these are encouraging peeing in the standing position and “be a sweetie and wipe the seatie” is also problematic. Wiping the seat with only a tissue leaves a film and bacteria breaks down. This infects every place urine lands with smelly urine odor. (Click here to read more about seat up issues and see the long lists of negative outcomes when men raise the seat. )

Consequently, women desiring a clean bathroom are defeating their purpose with some popular bathroom stickers encouraging peeing standing up. The practical solution should get rid of cleaning toilet urine odors at home rather than producing the urine odors.

Only Practical Solution That Eliminates Odors

There is only one practical solution that eliminates odors and prevents cleaning toilet odors.  It is a solution like the proposals of Sweden and Taiwan governments: encouraging men to sit down to urinate in public toilets. That is why the author suggests this practical slogan. “Unisex Toilet Retraining Urinating Sitting Down Produces Clean Toilets. Urinating Standing Up Creates Smelly Filthy Unsanitary Toilets.” This slogan identifies the problem and provides the solution and gets rid of urine odors instead of causing the odors.

Plus, this powerful message is a straight forward statement for a housewife who dislikes cleaning toilet urine odors should display. The buyer beware notice at the point of sale cash register informs shoppers on the company's refund policy. Similarly, the bathroom notice informs toilet users on the home owner's policy.

What New Bathroom Sticker Accomplishes

The new bathroom sticker expresses the different outcomes between sitting down and urinating standing up. Standing up creates smelly filthy unsanitary toilets and sitting down produces clean toilets. This unique notice accomplishes several things with that statement.

● How the owner wants to avoid cleaning urine odor.

● Educates what works at their home.

● Expresses the cause of filthy and clean toilets.

● States the personal values of the home.

● Allows people who use the bathroom to express their compliance with the wishes of the owner(s).

If a home displays such a notice in the bathroom and a male enters the bathroom, then suddenly his urine sounds like a waterfall. First thought that he is urinating standing up. The second is that he disrespects the house rules for a clean toilet.

Disrespect House Rules for Clean Toilet

Some people disrespect or disregard the house rules and owners in some unusual ways. Here is how some may feel about your home when they use the bathroom.

“I usually sit and pee at home and good friends' homes. Whenever I come to the place of someone I don't like or disrespect, I stand and pee because I don't give [an expletive] about the hygiene of their place.”

APA: Peeing sitting down | Is It Normal? | (n.d.). Retrieved from

How will one know if those using their home have a similar disposition? Unless people using the bathroom have a physical challenge sitting down, you will know this when, after seeing the express wish, they continue urinating standing up. Such behavior shows direct disrespect and violates the rules of the home.

How One Restaurant Responds

How one restaurant responds to the unsanitary conditions in the toilet reveals the gravity of the situation. In Vancouver, Canada a restaurant bans men from peeing standing up. Here is a business, a public place, that requires patronage and repeat customers taking a stand.

True in case of a home it may be impossible to exercise the same drastic measure with some offenders. However, the restaurant's owner action highlights the serious nature of the subject. Also, peeing sitting down is something to ponder. How could such a total disregard for a clear, express wish for clean and sanitary and hygienic bathroom be tolerated? Especially when one is leaving deposits of urine and causing cleaning toilet urine odors?

Main Points to Keep in Mind

In conclusion, these are the main points to keep in mind. The primary users of the bathroom are residents of the home and close family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances and visitors. Men urinating standing up represents the central contribution to urine odors in toilets private and public worldwide. Some people desire to have a clean bathroom defeat their purpose with decals encouraging men to pee standing up. The best slogan identifies the problem and provides the solution and gets rid of urine odors instead of causing the odors.

Also, few aspects of life create a wider range of emotions than dealing with residents of the home, close family, relatives, friends, acquaintances and visitors. However, express and explain “Unisex Toilet Retraining Urinating Sitting Down Produces Clean Toilets. Urinating Standing Up Creates Smelly Filthy Unsanitary Toilets.” Those who understand needing no further explanation and to those who do not none will suffice.

Finally, remember who the users of your bathroom are. The key is to follow the suggestions but expect the emotions of pain and frustration, the heartache, and eventually the joy of success. This is the permanent solution of getting rid of cleaning toilet urine odors at home.

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