Creative Potty Training
Ideas That Work

Very often creative potty training ideas help a reluctant child show an interest in and commit to toilet training. While some parents have an easy time in potty training their child fast, others may have to work at it. Children have different personalities, and we must use different techniques to match personalities for successful potty training. Below are some potty training ideas that work.

Creative Potty Training

The Potty Is Like Using the Toilet

Sitting on the potty is like using the toilet. People regularly place magazines in the toilet.  Why so? They do it in order to be comfortable while they are using the toilet, and that is a good idea. Sometimes we only need to relax in order for one's body to eliminate waste. Therefore, have some picture books handy and perhaps a toy and place it the child's lap. This will occupy their time while they are sitting on the potty or training seat and enable them to relax just long enough for them to poo or pee.

Rewards That Work

Creative potty training should be a series of rewards, ending with the big reward, when a child poo in the potty. There are several levels of rewards to go through during the process. Children love to receive goodies, gifts, and rewards. If they know ahead of time they have a reward waiting, they will try harder to earn that reward. A good idea is to reward them for sitting on the potty the first time with their pants down.

This creative potty training is a big deal to a toddler. Make this a positive experience in the beginning with a nice reward. Give them a reward the first time they pee in the potty and praise them each time they use the potty. The rewards can be small, something like a cookie, or a small toy but get them something they like and want. For the biggie when they poop in the potty the first time. This can be a toy or "big boy" pants. Show it to them and tell them when they poop in the potty they can have it. Keep it where they can see it but not touch it. It will be good inspiration for them to use the potty.

Schedule Potty Time

When first introducing toddlers to the potty. They may not understand the feel the call of nature. In fact, most children will play and ignore the urges until it is too late or almost too late. Help them to learn to recognize their feelings by scheduling potty time. At first, place them on the potty every hour and then ask them if they think they want to poo or pee. If they feel the need, they will.

Do this for a week or two to get them used to sitting on the potty. Later ask them every hour if, they need to pee or poop. This will make them stop and think about it, and they may realize that Yes, they need to go. Always have them potty after they wake up in the morning, after a nap, before bed, and before leaving home.

Unisex Training --The Best Process

The unisex process of toilet training is the best method to train both boys and girls, is easier and results in cleaner bathrooms. Using traditional toilet training method makes potty training more stressful and much harder than needed. Unisex toilet training is the opposite that is why it is the best training method for boys and girls.

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