The Unisex Process a Full Toilet
Training for Both Sexes

Boy with Orange Potty

Why is unisex process a full toilet training for both sexes? First, it is full or complete training for boys and girls. Since both genders start sitting down on the potty it makes sense to maintain the simple, comfortable sitting down process. Why make a task more difficult than it should be? There is a host of reasons to take the easy approach as unisex potty training is the best complete solution. Here, we are going to examine three practical reasons. First, both genders sit down at first. Second, sitting down is always cleaner than standing up and third sitting down makes training easier.

Both Sit Down At First

Both girl and boy sit down at first because children learn to sit before they learn to stand. It is much more difficult to teach a child to stand than it is to teach them to sit. Imagine how difficult it would be for a wobbly toddler boy to stand, aim, and pee? It is so much easier for him sit-down, just as the little girls do. That relaxing position prevents peeing and squirting urine all over the bathroom and, so it is always cleaner.

Sitting Down Always Cleaner

The proof that peeing sitting down is always cleaner than peeing standing up is a winning argument. Go into any Men's restroom and the evidence is abundant, the puddles of urine and the terrible smell of urine. The urinals where men stand to urinate have splashes all over the place, on the walls, floor and down the sides of the urinals. Can one think the same spillage does not happen at home? Depending on how tall a male is, urine will splash out of the bowl.

What occurs when boys do not pay attention to their urine stream? It will hit the back of the toilet, the seat, the wall, and floor. Furthermore, a bathroom with those urine deposits gives the most beautiful home a sickening odor. Who would not want to maintain the beauty of the home and a pleasant aroma? Therefore, it makes more sense if men and boys sit down and urinate. Get their urine into the toilet bowl and have a bathroom without smelly urine odors.

Easier Training Argument

The unisex process full toilet training for both sexes as easier training is a reliable argument. First, the learning process begins with both sitting down, and it makes sense to have them continue the same routine. Instead, of later teaching another means of peeing changing from peeing sitting down to peeing standing up. That is a more challenging process: practicing aiming and directing urine stream and cleaning up urine. That is why, the unisex means a whole or complete toilet training for both sexes

 Therefore, the smart choice is the Unisex Toilet Training method that is suitable for both genders. Yes, sitting down and peeing at first and continuing sitting down and peeing. It is cleaner and easier than standing up and peeing.

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