Top Five Advantages of Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Gender neutral restrooms facilities cater to all members of the human race.

Since this concept is new, let us consider just five of the advantages to creating bathrooms that cater to all persons.

  1. Gender neutral restrooms are versatile. Allows the young, elderly, sick and disabled to use the facilities with the help of their relatives or friends of the opposite sex if need be.
  2. Raising the standard of cleanliness. Women’s bathrooms have better construction and better maintenance. It promotes a more pleasant communal space powder room with chairs and mirrors. Men will also have access to this higher standard
  3. Less space for bathrooms. Most businesses want to offer public bathrooms for the comfort of their guests and employees. However, one bathroom serves more people while taking up less space and gives business owners more floor space to utilize in ways that directly impacts the bottom line
  4. Sharing stalls solve long lines. Most women’s bathroom usually has long lines. And the men's bathroom has no waiting lines at all. When a call of nature is at a critical level many women would like just walk over and use one of the men's stalls. This proves that sharing stalls easily solves long lines issues
  5. Increases safety and removes false sense of security. It is true some persons may feel safer with signs designations, “women” and “men.” However, many bathroom assaults occur when someone vulnerable is without company. Therefore, such designations are not a deterrent for perverts. On the other hand, Gender-Neutral Restrooms encourage higher security measures. Such as dividers of stalls: from floor to ceiling. In addition, there is safety in numbers as more persons use the same facility. Along with other friends and family members sharing one's company.

Gender Neutral Restrooms and Acceptance

Considering the previous five advantages of Gender-Neutral Restrooms provides insight and understanding of how humans can use restroom together in peace. Transitions and acceptance of new concepts are always the hardest part. For example, the one bank line is now common practice, because it provides equity in service to the next available teller. But the benefits of this change took time. Hopefully, like the one bank line, in time Gender-Neutral Restrooms equity of service will become evident. It is safe to conclude, that the Neutral-Gender Restroom legislation in major countries worldwide indicates they are the future.

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