The New Human Toilet Training
and Toilet Retraining For Men

There is new human toilet training and toilet retraining for men. These new ideas produce better hygiene and clean bathrooms at home and also in public toilets. What are some new adult toilet training and what are the benefits?

Human toilet training and adult retraining are new concepts that are very rewarding.

First, the new training is changing to urinating sitting down because the majority of men sit down to have a bowel movement. These usually pee at the same time while sitting down. Yet, some men refuse to sit down and urinate. A, reasonable question is, why not also sit and pee?

Second, sitting down eliminates the need to raise the toilet seat. As a result, it also takes care of the absentmindedness and leaving the seat up. The latter is a major source of contention at home and other places where males and females share the same toilet facilities.

Cleaner Toilets for All

Some men fool themselves and argue they have a perfect aim. No man can consistently aim his urine without spraying and squirting urine in a place not intended. Urinals, specifically built for standing and urinating is a mess with puddles of urine on the floors. The male that thinks he does not spray when he urinates should take this simple marksman test. Stand, with shorts or underpants and barefoot and urinate into the toilet bowl at home.

Male urinary system

Pay close attention to the feet and those tiny sprays may change his opinion of perfect aim. In addition, the tip of the penis and the Urethra make it highly improbable for a perfect aim. Author, Anthony Seymour Browne in his book on Unisex Toilet Retraining explains why. Using this male urinary system image, he illustrate how a Pilot successfully docks his huge ship, but cannot have similar success as he directs his urine.

Why Have Toilet Retraining?

An overwhelming number of men practice peeing standing up, because of tradition. That is why we have to consider toilet retraining. Peeing standing up is the main contributor to the unsanitary and unclean conditions and the horrible odors in bathrooms and restrooms worldwide. Toilet retraining is a conscious effort to break that bad habit.

This lifestyle change is easy and rewarding because the body eliminates urine in the sitting position. In fact, each time a male is sitting and having a bowel movement, he usually urinates at the same time. Therefore, his body does not have a problem performing the function. Rather, it is a head thing with him, who continues peeing standing up.

Furthermore, the only thing that stands in his way is tradition. The debate may continue, but it is an open and shut case for urinating sitting down. Here is why: constant clean ups of urine odor in private bathrooms at home. The yellow urine stains and puddles of urine men step into and the foul smell of urine in Men's public restrooms. These are the main reasons for accepting human toilet training and retraining for men and urinating sitting down.

Unisex Restrooms and Privacy for All

In many countries, unisex bathrooms are fulfilling an urgent requirement on privacy for all. Worldwide, there is an increasing aging population. Also, there is an increase in various debilitating illnesses and conditions.

Restroom Sign

That is why it is common place to see someone caring for the restroom needs of another person of the opposite sex. Who could be a marriage mate, life-partner, parent, child, caregiver or a friend? Those situations require Unisex Toilet Facilities, with privacy. Gender-specific facilities cannot adequately care for those special needs.

This is also a main point, and highlights the pressing need for human toilet training and retraining. Without men accepting retraining and stopping urinating standing up, those Unisex restrooms will become filthy like the current Men's Only Restrooms. On the other hand, retraining will provide bathrooms where males and females can relax in comfort. As they share common bathrooms and restrooms and care for the special needs of others.

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