Why Neutral-Gender Bathrooms Gaining Popularity

Netural Gender Bathrooms

Have you seen neutral-gender bathrooms popping up lately?

 The concept of building bathrooms that serve both genders may seem like something from a futuristic movie. But is it reality, why so?

In most societies, there is a basic division between gender attributes assigned to males and females. In all societies, however, some individuals do not identify with some (or all) of the aspects of gender that of their biological sex.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_identity

In some parts of the world, new ideas of gender, sexuality, and human interaction are making their way into mainstream thinking and toilet facilities. And producing spaces that are safe and accommodating for everyone. In addition, there is related bathroom legislation in major countries worldwide.

A Place For All Humans

Some persons contend that Gender-neutral bathrooms are spaces that are safe and accommodating for all humans. When a bathroom serves all persons, everyone is expected to be there, and this reduces discomfort. Also, eliminates uncomfortable run-ins common in gender specific bathrooms. With those who feel someone does not belong in a particular gender specific bathroom.

Neutral-Gender Bathrooms Offer Convenience and Benefits for Everyone

Another reason for a change mainstream thinking is the convenience and benefits. Such as, single parenting or parents with a minor of the opposite gender. For instance a father out with his young daughter, who must use a restroom: And realizes that he cannot take her into the women’s bathroom, or the men's bathroom?

The same is also true for mothers out with their young boys. The mother cannot take her little boy, of a certain age, into the women’s bathroom. And she certainly cannot take him into the men's bathroom.

All of these problems are not present with gender-neutral restrooms. Parents simply head to the bathroom with all of their children in tow, and that makes toilets a safer place for children. Rather than sending minors into the bathrooms on their own. Parents can accompany their children.

Eliminate the Stereotype

Some persons say that gender-neutral bathrooms eliminate the stereotype. Such as how men and women behave in bathrooms. Men’s bathrooms are usually filthy, and Women’s bathrooms are tidier.

Toilet sharing eliminates stereotypes and induces responsibility for keeping bathrooms cleaner and safer places for all persons.

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