Potty Training a Toddler
Without Tears is Possible

Potty training a toddler without tears is possible. Yes, it does not have to be a painful experience for the adult or the child.

Unhappy Boy on the Potty

There are ways to make potty it more enjoyable than the pain many of parents. How so? Toddlers are creatures of habit, skeptical of new things, curious, and full of energy. They are little sponges ready to soak up the world around them, learning how to walk, and talk, and their ABC's and even how to potty train.

What makes it frustrating for some moms and other adult caregivers? This occurs when they want little ones to catch on fastest. On the other hand, successful potty training without tears is product patience and persistence.

Patience and Persistence

The value of patience and persistence is crucial. For example, a child's energy may be in a pursuit different that what an adult desire at that time. The curiosity of the child may be the driving force. At other time being skeptical of something new may be the trigger. As the child act and react, like a sponge they are absorbing the adults' approval or disapproval. That requires patience. Understanding the little one is absorbing their world like a sponge moves one to be persistent and consistent and realistic.

Realistic Expectations Prevent Frustration

Realistic expectations prevent frustration and tears. Parents expectations must be on their individual child's ability and development. That is the best way to begin and continue during the entire training process. Next, remember toddlers are creatures of habit. Therefore, have practical schedules. When introducing something new to a child, it is best to do it slowly. Let them get accustom to the object or process. Make mental notes of their body language. This provides essential feedback.

Potty Training like Learning to Walk and Talk

A child's potty training is like learning to walk and talk. For example, the first step is wobbly and unsteady but with practice and support the child's steps become firm. Soon, that little one is running away from their parents. Similarly, some of the learning concepts may at first be slow. However, in time they will become just like those fast steps.

Another aspect is putting it all together. For example, the alphabet and the syllables and then, one day the toddlers understand and answers. Perhaps first saying, NO! When a requests does not meet their approval. Then, not long after, in an endeavor to keep an intention from the child, parents spell the word. Even that soon changes, after the child learns the ABC's and is able to read.

When, parents and caregivers understand the value of patience and persistence. Realizes the little toddler is soaking up the environment like a sponge. That they must be: persistent and consistent and realistic.  Also, the entire training process is like a child learning to walk and talk. Only then, potty training a toddler without tears is possible for parents and caregivers.

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