Why My Potty Training Book and
Toilet Retraining Book Are Different

Worldwide, women have (for years!) desired a potty training book explaining uncomplicated toilet training for boys. Women also ask why boys/men MUST  pee standing up. Why can't they sit down and prevent urine odors in the bathroom? At last!  My books are " Changing Aged-old Traditions and Meeting 21 st Century Global Demands. For, clean bathrooms at home and in Unisex Restrooms, Unisex Toilets and Public Toilets.

Boys Training Book Cover
Adult Retraining Book Cover

My potty training, or Toilet Training, and Toilet Retraining books are different because they pioneer a simple new toilet training. Answers women wishes and eliminates the time consuming and unnecessary two-step method, teaching boys to pee standing up.

The record shows standard potty training or traditional toilet training books have many negative effects and a sad legacy. How so? ALL teaches a gender-specific model: girls sitting down to pee and boys standing up to pee. My books are different because they teach a Unisex Toilet Training model. Both boys and girls continuing, the same routine of the first potty training: sitting down to poo and pee.

Ask expectant or new mothers what are their greatest concern as parents, most will put potty training high on the list. This is especially true when it comes to toilet training a child of the opposite sex.

What sets my potty training books apart from all others in this regard? Both boys and girls use the same routine and quickly achieve extraordinary results. Why so? Because, of not teaching little boys to urinate standing up. That is the biggest obstacle and the most stressful part for little boys learning to use the bathroom.

Moms completely bypass that miserably two-step training for boys when they follow my potty training techniques in the book. “Unisex toilet training: Overall Superior, Simpler, Quicker, Easier, Cleaner and Healthier Than Standard Toilet Training” is true to its name and will exceed your expectations!

Why Teach Your Sons to Sit And Urinate? 

Why teach your sons to sit and urinate? Because, there are so many advantages. First, he follows the same method every time he goes to the bathroom if he is going to pee or poo. Second, this repetition of the routine every time has many benefits. He trains much faster because of the one-step method. He does not experience the trauma of missing the toilet bowl and wetting the bathroom floor for Mom to clean. These make the new Unisex Toilet Training overall superior to standard toilet training.

X Standing to Pee

On the other hand, the old two-step method complicates toilet training. When, a boy changes from sitting down on the potty, to peeing standing up. Learning this new skill presents certain difficulties for a toddler. For example, Little Johnny must immediately and accurately identify if his call of nature is to poo or to pee and instantly take the appropriate action.

Those distinctions are subtle and are often difficult for adults to identify. Imagine, how much more so, for toddlers and young boys. As a result, boys usually have many accidents wetting their pants and putting excrement in their pants.

That is an unpleasant experience cleaning up after a little boy. Who stood to urinate because he “thought” he only had to pee, whereas he also wanted to poo. Such experiences Moms avoid when boys learn to sit-down every time they use the bathroom.

With so many negative effects, a mothers' decision is easy. Teach your sons to continue urinating sitting down. What are the valid reasons for training a boy to stand up to pee and giving him a tough task and creating problems for parent and child?

Universal Potty Training

The universal training in my potty training books shows a mother how to teach all her children. How to, use the bathroom in a clean and relaxing manner. Boys do not have to shoot at cereal, and they never have the stress their aim will miss the toilet bowl. This also eliminates confusing signals among siblings when girls see their brothers use the bathroom differently. Since, both genders follow the same routine there are no confusion signals or questions about different training methods.

Furthermore, my potty training strategies also free mothers from constant bathroom cleaning. Checking for puddles and splashes and urine trails. Busy Moms and professional woman save time otherwise spent cleaning the bathroom over and over during potty training.

My potty training book, Unisex Toilet Training, is easy and straight forward and logical. The strategies in the book reduce frustration and allow little boys to feel less stress and pressure. A mother gets rid of the horrors of toilet training a son and women finally have the best way to potty train a boy.

It is Not too Late for Grown Men!

Just because some grown men pee standing up, does not mean my books cannot help them. One of my books Unisex Toilet Retraining  teaches grown men the many benefits peeing sitting down. The Author guarantees the unisex training success of urinating sitting down. His conviction and expertise come from his personal experience. As a grown married man back in 1968, he trained himself in urinating sitting down after squirting urine on his feet. In 2014, he, reflects on his retraining and is happy he made that change. Now over four and half decades later. He still enjoys a toilet at home without smelly urine odors odors. Such positive results are how my potty training book and toilet retraining book are different from the competition.

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