Potty Training Bowel Movement
Problems in Boys

Potty training bowel movement problems with boys are common. Toddlers resist the urge to poo on the potty for different reasons.

Potty Training Problems

Sometimes it is because they were usually pooping in their pants. They could have a fear of the potty. For boys, it may be that they pee and poop at the same time, and this may make them not want to do that in the potty. Whatever the reason, there are ways to remedy most of the issues. Therefore, let us examine some problems and solutions.

Problem with Constipation

Constipation is one of the biggest problem when potty training toddlers. The causes can vary from being afraid of the potty to diet issues to illnesses. If constipation is still an issue, continue reading.

Solution: Make sure he gets boy plenty of foods high in fiber and give him plenty of water to drink throughout the day. Some constipation stems from the lack of these two things. Foods that are high in fiber are cereals, fresh fruits, and green vegetables. If the constipation continues when treating with diet changes, seek for medical advice. Never give stool softener or a laxative or those types of medications without direction from their doctor.

Problem: Potty and Potty Chair Fear

The potty and potty chair present a new change for toddlers. Some toddlers resist routine changes, and if they find themselves suddenly thrust on a potty or a potty chair without pants. They may become fearful of this new experience.

Solution: If a child fears the potty or potty chair, please introduce it in a way to help them to relax. Also, to see the potty is for them to pee and poo. So never yell at them or punish them over the potty, especially if they have had an accident. Rather, try to make the potty a comfortable spot. Bring them toys they can hold, or read them a book while they sit.

Problem Not Going on the Potty

Occasionally, potty training bowel movement problem of not going on the potty is not fear but a matter of forgetfulness. Toddlers are busy little ones they start playing and expending energy. So the last thing they think about is the call of nature until it is the exact moment for the event and sit on the potty.

Solution: Ask the child throughout the day, if they need to have a bowel movement. Children often pee while having a bowel movement. So when they are sitting down on the potty to pee, ask them if they need to also poo. When using the Unisex Toilet training method, this is not a problem because they pee and poop sitting down. Therefore, for boys this prevents the additional fear of having a bowel movement on the floor while standing up to pee.

Adults and children tend to have a bowel movement after a meal. Similarly, have toddlers sit on the potty after they eat and ask if they need to pee or poo. Make them feel comfortable and encourage them to relax. Praise a boy when he does so he will want to continue with the behavior. The foregoing will help with the potty training bowel movement problems common in boys.

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