Potty Training Boys And Getting it Right

Potty training boys and getting it right should be as easy as potty training girls.

Potty Training Boy

Granted, boys and girls have different body members for getting rid of urine. However, unisex toilet training is the new method for toilet training boys that get it right. The common factor is both boys and girls sitting down on the toilet. Happily, the difference in their anatomy accommodates the sitting position. Best of all, it is the safest and cleanest method of urination for potty training boys and getting it right.

Potty Training Supplies For Boys

The first way to start is with a potty chair. This is essential equipment because it trains a toddler several notable things all at once. The potty is for sitting down and peeing and having a bowel movement. Also, both belong in the potty and usually come together. In addition, this is a boy's first experience with sitting down and urinating in a comfortable position.

Other necessary potty training supplies for boys are training pants. These can be disposable pull up training pants because boys have potty training accidents with both liquid and solid waste. A practical point to consider is whether to have cloth pants or plastic pants. Some parents start training using plastic pants to prevent wetting furniture and clothing.

What Age to Start Potty Training a Boy?

The consensus varies regarding the age to start training a boy. Toddlers are different in their development, ability and understanding. As a result, each boy's bathroom readiness will also be different. Consequently, one cannot establish an age to start potty training a boy because such vital practice is not a case of one-size fits all.

Therefore, it is not surprising most consistent recommendation from experts is: “the mother is the best person to decide when to start toilet training. She knows her son and observes the little boy's habits and signals and can determine when he is ready.”

This indicates the importance and the value of keen observation and awareness in the day-to-day changes and the behavior of toddlers. Otherwise, a mother may attempt to start to toilet train before the child is ready, and he resists the toilet training.

Potty Training Basics

When the toddler boy is ready for potty training, introduce the training chair.

Boy on Orange Potty

Explain what he is to do in the potty chair and with training pants on in the beginning. Sitting on the chair every half hour or so until he pees. It may be best to try peeing before introducing him to the bowel movement.

Please do not force him to sit on the potty for a long time. Most importantly, if he has an accident, never become angry. Use that moment and kindly and gently set the potty down and explain the potty is what to use next time. Another important aspect of potty training boys is to remember. The new unisex toilet training is the best method of potty training boys and getting it right. Why so? Because, the simple sitting down process continues to the next stage of potty training graduating him to the potty training chair and later to the adult toilet.

In summary, potty training boys and getting it right, is as easy as potty training girls. Teaching, the same routine: sitting down on the potty and continuing sitting down all through to the, adult toilet. The results lasts a lifetime and produces clean bathrooms without smelly urine odor.

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