Traditional Potty Training
Concepts Are Myths NOT Facts

Most traditional potty training concepts are myths NOT facts. As a result, this process makes it harder to train boys and keep the bathroom clean!

A look back in history revealed centuries ago they had it right and today we struggle. Even, with advances in products, older children struggle with the whole potty concept. One would think with the disposable diapers, training pants, and even night pants would make it easier, but it that is not the case.

Boy in Diaper

Disposable Diapers and Potty Training

Do disposable diapers make it easier to potty train than cloth diapers? When disposable diapers made the scene in the 1970's and the 1980's there, was a dramatic shift in the number of children successfully potty trained at an earlier age. In the 1960's and earlier more babies were potty trained by 18 months. Today the average age of "successful" potty training is after 3 years old! The big difference is the diaper. Prior, to the 1970's babies were in cloth diapers. The more the disposable diapers and disposable training pants became available. The longer children take to potty train.

Is it Easier for Boys to Stand to Pee?

It is easier for boys to stand to pee than to sit down. Little boys who learn how to stand and pee later spend a lifetime trying not to pee on the floor. Others spend a lifetime causing smelly urine odors.

Truthfully, it is easier for boys to sit down and pee than to stand up and pee. Ask any first time mother about to potty train their toddler boy. How will they rather train their boy to pee? The answer is to sit down. Why? It is easier than standing up. On the other hand, just imagine the mess a toddler boy makes while learning to pee standing up?

Bowel Movement and Peeing

Does it makes sense training for bowel movement and peeing in different positions? Since, both poo and pee usually come together it is wise to be already sitting down position. It is easier to train to sit down for both calls of nature than to stand to pee and sit to poo. When boys learn to sit down they can deal with whatever nature presents without making a mess or having to identify and change position.

Traditional potty training concepts represent myths. Such as, boys must stand up to pee. Also, with practice they get a perfect aim with their urine. Those concepts are not facts. On the other hand, the new unisex process, sitting down to pee and poo is a successful practice for a boy. They are ready and in a position to handle which ever nature releases.  Plus, get their urine into the toilet bowl and keep the bathroom clean!

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