Potty Training Constipation
Causes and Solutions

Potty training constipation is a significant problem and here are some causes and solutions.

Potty Training Constipation

First, constipation is the inability to have a bowel movement. A young child who has regular bowel movements may start to become constipated when potty training begins. With constipation, little children may experience pain and discomfort. If they are very young, they may become cranky. It is easy for parents and caregivers to overlook the strange behavior.

Starting, Potty Training

Children view things they have never done as scary. This is especially true of a child sitting down on the potty for the first time.  Instead of pulling the pants down and scaring them, introduce them to the chair. Set the chair with their other toys and let them get familiar seeing it on their own timing.
Then at another time, after they have played around it, have them sit on the chair fully while clothed. Explain to them what it is for and what they will need to do.

Repetition will help them to learn and ease into the situation. Have a small reward ready for them if they sit on the potty with their pants down. Make it a positive experience for them. Encourage them to sit on it several times a day with no expectations. Slowly encourage them to pee and poo in it. Have a bigger reward for them for when they have those calls of nature. Try to make it as relaxing and positive experience as possible.

Changing Boys' Urination Posture

Sometimes, changing a boys' urination posture from sitting down to standing up to pee result in constipation. Why? Because they are afraid to have an accident. Unisex Toilet Training avoids that problem. Since boys remain sitting down to urinate, As a result, they never experience the fear of having an accidental bowel movement while standing up.

Constipation What to Do

When constipation occurs for no obvious reason it is wise to take note. Occasionally, the remedy is a little extra fiber (cereals and grain) or fruit juice. However, if constipation occurs often, they may need medical attention to find the underlying cause of constipation.

Other Solutions

It is a fact constipation occurs because of poor diets, and this is true also with toddlers. Try to feed your child healthy foods, vegetables and fruits, and these foods will naturally keep the body functioning well. Also, make sure children get plenty to drink throughout the day. Offer them water and have it available. Encourage them to drink, but do not force them to drink. True, potty training constipation is a significant problem with several causes and solutions that are manageable.

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