Potty Training Early:  The Best
Method For Boys and Girls

The best method for potty training early that parents will ever discover for boys and girls is on this present page. 

Potty Training Early

In this case, early means even before a child is sturdy when they walk. The best method of potty training in this respect is Unisex Toilet Training which is the same routine for girls and boys. It involves practicing sitting down on the potty and then potty training seat then finally the adult toilet.

Unisex toilet training is the best method for potty training early.  Toddlers’ boys and girls sit down at an early age before they learn to stand up and walk and talk.  Is that correct?

Therefore, sitting and learning to pee in the potty is simple and comfortable way for an early start in potty training. After, the toddler understands sitting and peeing it is easier to introduce also sitting down for the bowel movement, or BM

Girls and Boys Practice the Same Routine

The, best early potty training process should be done equally so for girls and boys to practice the same routine. This makes it easy for Mom and for the siblings who observe and imitate and learn from each other. In unisex toilet training, both boys and girls are sitting down for peeing and also sitting down for the bowel movement.

This is truly unisex which means that both genders can use this sitting posture and it is not gender-specific. This single point is the primary reason why this method quickens the change from diapers. Thus, sitting-down on the potty and the training chair then also the adult toilet gives overall clean toilet training. This is the smart and the clean and the faster new way to early potty training.

The first step of the initial potty training is sitting down on the potty are comfortable and relaxing for both genders. Best of all, it gets toddlers to pee and to poo into the potty in a clean and safe manner. That is precisely why Unisex Toilet Training continues what works best for Mom and the toddler and home and the environment. In addition, teaching and carrying this safe method all through adulthood for both genders produces clean bathrooms.

Tradition Changes Logic and Sensibleness

Sadly, tradition changes the logic and sensibleness of what works to an impractical gender-specific method. 

No Standing Up To Pee

Girls continue sitting down for both calls of nature, but the boys continue sitting down only for the BM and start standing up for peeing.

Please think on these facts: toddlers are unsteady on their feet and lack proper coordination and have reduced attention span.

Compare this current tradition with the new unisex toilet training and sitting down and relaxing without peeing on the floor. Under these more favorable conditions, boys could learn potty training early and faster than peeing standing up and producing toilet cleaning of urine odors.  It is a nightmare for mothers and it defies logic.   A reasonable person should wonder why men continue practicing standing up and peeing.

One-step Method Cleaner and Faster

The new unisex toilet training is a one-step method that is cleaner and simpler and faster, because it…

● gets urine into the potty and toilet bowl and not on the floor.

● is less work for mothers cleaning urine odors.

● teaches toilet cleanliness in the beginning, especially for boys.

● practices the practical sitting-down and one-step process: peeing and bowel movement.

● is easy for moms to teach and easy for boys to learn.

● is the best way to potty training early

● is more suitable for boys and girls and better than the general potty training.

● is faster training for boys in comparison with standard toilet training.

Therefore, what if a mother seeking clean bathrooms without urine odors? A simple toilet training that is suitable for boys and girls and easy to teach? Desires a fast process for early potty training for both genders, and especially boys?

Unisex toilet training is the answer because it is overall superior, simpler, quicker, easier, cleaner and healthier than standard toilet training. It is the best potty training early method parents will ever find for boys and girls.

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