Potty Training Facts:  The New Top 20

These top 20 new potty training facts fully support the unisex toilet training method:

1. Potty training boys is as comfortable as potty training girls when both gender use the same sitting down routine.

Planning on the Potty

2. Training boys to stand up and pee is an ongoing cleaning problem for mom until the boys leave home.

3. It is easier for both moms and dads to train a boy how to pee sitting down than to pee standing up.

4. Little boys would rather sit and pee because sitting is more comfortable and the pee falls straight into the potty.

5. The main cause for boys putting excrement in their pants is standing up to pee when suddenly a bowel movement comes upon them in that position.

6. Most boys prefer privacy when they use the potty. Training boys in sitting down and peeing are preparing them for sitting in the toilet and the privacy of a stall.

7. Sitting on the toilet means the hands are free.  This makes reading in the bathroom a good pastime for boys.

8. Sitting down and peeing helps boys to help their mom keep a cleaner bathroom with better hygiene.

9. Short boys have challenges reaching most urinals. This makes it difficult for them to stand up and pee without making a mess.

10. Boys like to touch things and feel objects. Peeing sitting down there is no object before them to touch as is the case with standing up and peeing.

11. Little boys standing up and peeing can experience a minor distraction that will cause his urine to squirt all over the bathroom.

12. It is easier to potty train a child if he can sit and look at a book or play with a toy.

13. Getting a child in a relaxing mood and position helps in the urination and also in the bowel movement.

14. It is a good idea to sit with the child while they are sitting on the potty. This helps them to pee and poo.

15. It is easier for a little boy to use the toilet away from home when he goes into the restroom with his mom.

16. Boys sitting and peeing releases more of their urine because they are comfortable and relaxed.

17.  Potty training boys to sit down to pee leads to better prostate health as adults.

18. According to Swedish medical research sitting down and urinating improves prostate health in men because it helps men to empty the bladder.

19. Medical research reported in Sweden’s Folket newspaper said that sitting might mean reduced prostate cancer risk, be better for men in the bedroom, and allows for a longer sex life.

20. The new unisex toilet training is overall superior, simpler, quicker, easier, cleaner and healthier than standard toilet training.

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