Why Potty Training Girls and Boys
With The Same Routine Makes Sense

Potty training girls and potty training boys with the same routine may seem ridiculous. However, the idea has the basis in medicine and accounting and mathematics.

Potty Training Girls and Boys Together

It is common practice in those disciplines of returning to the basics and solving complex problems. For example, with the Ebola outbreak, medical practitioners resorted to basic hygiene of hand washing. The professional accountant simplifies a complex problem by returning to his Accounting 101 and the simple “T” ledger. The Professor of mathematics solves a difficult equation by retracing basic mathematical rules.

Similarly, to solve the present worldwide scourge, filthy toilets it is necessary for humans to return to the basics. Train girls and boys in the same routine of their first toilet training. In the western world, both genders dispose of the liquid waste, urine and also solid waste, excrement sitting down. All the issues around the world, today will not exist if, boys and men employ those basics.

Steps to Potty Training Boys and Girls

The steps to potty training girls and boys with the same routine are simple. Placing the potty on the floor and having the toddler boy or girl training in sitting down on the potty. Then teaching them peeing and bowel movement belongs in the potty. Later graduating to sitting down on a toilet training chair. Finally, teaching them sitting down on the adult toilet. All three stages create no mess when peeing, but rather a practical and successful basic toilet training.

Clearly, little girls and boys were following the same routine, urinating sitting down on the potty and the training seat and the adult toilet. On the other hand, tradition changes the basics that work, to an impractical and unnecessary two-step method for boys. Changing to a different toilet training regime that is completely opposite learning to stand up and pee. Training, that is traumatic and produces a messy method of peeing.

Changing Boys Potty Training

Observing current events worldwide, changing boys to standing up is a disaster. It is common knowledge Men's Only Restrooms are filthy, because of men peeing standing up. On the other hand, females' restrooms are much cleaner. In fact, Taiwan and Sweden have proposals encouraging men to urinate sitting down in toilets to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene.

Not Standing to Pee

If, men urinating standing up causes a mess at urinals, it is highly probably urinating standing up at home causes a similar mess in the home bathroom. The book, Unisex Toilet Retraining teaches why males’ urine goes off course and lands in unintended places. It also teaches how to, toilet retrain and the various benefits such as preventing urine mess and odors in bathrooms at home.

True, changing boy's toilet training from sitting down and peeing is why men are standing up and peeing today and creating filthy toilets. Similarly, returning to the first basic training will solve this massive problem of filthy toilets.

As the medical practitioners with the Ebola outbreak, the professional accountant, and professor of mathematics, they all solve complex issues by returning to the basic. Modern society must likewise return to potty training basics.  Discontinue the traditional two-step standard toilet training method with its myriad of problems by  potty training girls and boys with the same routine. 

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