Avoiding  Potty Training Regression

There are some simple ways to lessen or avoid potty training regression, especially in little boys.

When potty training, a child know the frustrations and if they regress. Sometimes the regression is out of the trainer’s hands and will occur. At other times, it happens, and that is what we can focus on avoiding.

Remind Them to Potty

Potty Training Regression

It is easy to get busy during the day and forget the little one may need reminders to empty their bladders on occasion. Until a child goes for a week or longer with no accidents, make it a habit to ask them every one to two hours if they need to go potty. One way to test a child's progress is not to remind them one day and see if they have an accident.

Keep Potty Supplies Near

An important aspect is to keep potty supplies near. Also, make sure the potty chair is at a convenient location for them. Have wipes and or toilet paper available. Plenty of pants washed and ready to wear in case they have an accident. If they do not have this in place, they may just forget even trying and regress. These are some ideas that help during potty training.

Beware of Routine Changes

Routine changes are a significant cause for potty training regression. Small children thrive on set routines and often will feel stress at a change in their normal daily activities. Therefore, there routine changes coming up, ease them into it over a couple of week time frames. So they will stay on course with the potty training.

Encourage Child To Report an Accident

Encourage a child to let say when they have an accident. Please, do not yell at them or become angry with them for the accident. If they come and say they pee their pants, thank them for mentioning and clean them up. Encourage them to try to make it to the potty next time. Also, when they do make it to the potty on time, praise and reward them. On the other hand, becoming angry or showing displeasure might prevent them from reporting an accident next time.

Schedule a Potty Time

A schedule potty time is important. There is a certain time of the day that a person absolutely needs to go to the bathroom. Those times are the first thing in the morning, right after a nap, and sometimes after a meal. Therefore, is it a good practice to have a child sit on the potty at these times. Otherwise, they may regress and poo and pee in their pants.

Reward Good Potty Practices

Children thrive with praise and rewards. For example, if a child receives praise or rewards the child tries harder next time. Why? Because, a child likes to know they please their parents and caregivers.

The Best Way to Teach Boys

The best way to teach, boys is using the Unisex method to pee sitting down like girls do. When practicing this method, boys will be less likely to regress as do boys when they switch to pee standing up. There is not one good reason to encourage them to stand up. This is one sure way to avoid potty training regression and also have a cleaner bathroom at home.

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