Potty Training Resistance in Boys:
  What Causes It and How to Avoid It

Want to know what causes and how to avoid potty training resistance in boys? The first step in solving a problem is identifying the cause.

Potty training resistance

There two fundamental causes for training resistance in boys:

1) Beginning potty training before a boy is ready

2) Standard potty training for boys complicates potty training.

Potty Training Before a Boy is Ready

Beginning potty training before a boy is ready usually occurs when parents follow potty training time tables. Children are different in their growth and development processes even if they are twins. Therefore, using a chart to indicate the age to begin potty training is one-size-fits-all mentality. This attitude creates potty child resistance because Mom may start potty training before the boy is ready.

Furthermore, the age at which to start toilet training is also different between boys and girls. In addition, there are many articles on readiness and those articles list various signals. In all those articles, one key point repeats like a refrain, or a mantra. “A mother is the best person to determine when to start toilet training. She knows her child and observes her child’s habits and signals. Therefore, she can best determine when her child is ready for toilet training.”

The central point is starting toilet training when the child is ready reduces conflict and resistance to toilet training. Let us look at the other reason for resistance such as the standard potty training for boys.

How Standard Potty Training for Boys Complicates Training

Potty training resistance in boys results from standard potty training for boys because it complicates the training process. The first problem is that the primary potty trainers in families are usually Moms. Teaching a toddler boy peeing standing up is unfamiliar for them entirely.

Second, potty training boys to pee standing up is a disruptive process.  How so? After a little boy learns to sit and pee and poo and associate these vital activities with sitting down on the potty. Tradition dictates changing to peeing standing up, a method which both Mom and little boy lack knowledge. Consequently, both novices begin a frustrating experience of the boy peeing and the mother cleaning up.

Moms Also Resist Potty Training

The potty training resistance of boys also triggers Moms resistance to potty training boys. For example, Moms worldwide have questioned the standing up and peeing idea for years. They usually ask: why do boys have to pee standing up? Is there not a better way?  Is there a law that says boys and men must pee standing up? Should mothers with such mental potty training resistance teach a process that goes against their core value? It is true potty training resistance in boys is just as natural as resistance in their moms.

Some reasons for resistance are:

● Changing a boy from a relaxing sitting position to a wobbly standing position.

● Changing a boy peeing directly into the potty to seeing his pee falling on the floor.

● Mom cleaning urine mess and odors again and again.

What Needs Changing

Standard potty training for boys complicates potty training, and that is what needs changing since it creates potty training resistance for mom and son.

That is why Unisex Toilet Training is the solution because it provides:

● a sitting method Mom can teach and is comfortable for a toddler.

● quicker toilet training of boys with a simple one-step process.

● a way to get rid of resistance and trauma for Mom and her son instead of where she is training and he learning. He is messing the floor and his Mom is cleaning up.

● a plan to prepare a toddler for a changing world of unisex toilets and the new trend of encouraging men to pee sitting down.

● a reprieve for Mom from an eighteen year project of cleaning her son's mess until he leaves home.

● a way for Mom to give her son a healthy legacy of peeing and preventing him from toilet retraining as an adult.

Best Ways to Avoids Potty Training Resistance in Boys

In summary, the causes for potty training resistance in boys are:

1) starting potty training before a boy is ready, and

2) standard potty training for boys as it complicates potty training.

The best way to avoid the trap of starting toilet training before the child is ready. Resist depending on preset time tables for starting toilet training using a one-size fits all method. The best recommendation is for the mother to determine when to start toilet training. She must make the judgment call on the basis of observing her own child’s behavior changes.

The other cause of resistance in boys is standard potty training for boys because it complicates potty training.

The best way to avoid the disruptive and negative effects is with the unique new method. Unisex toilet training is the one-step process that is overall superior, simpler, quicker, easier, cleaner and healthier than standard toilet training.

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