Potty Training Urinal:  
The Beginning of Problems

It may be surprising reading that the potty training urinal is the beginning of problems. Since, this is the major selling point of training urinals. “The little boy can enjoy the satisfaction of going to the toilet and standing up just like Dad.”

Dirty Urinal

The first problem Mom is probably quarreling and fretting at cleaning up after his father. The second problem Mom is starting an eighteen year project of cleaning up his urine mess until he leaves home. The third problem urinals worldwide are filthy, and men step into puddles of urine on the floor.

The Taiwan's Government Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) study of 100,000 inspections of public toilets provides proof. As a result, the same Government has proposals encouraging men, to sit down and urinate in public toilets with this directive. "Men should sit down to urinate in the toilet instead of standing up because it helps maintain a cleaner environment."

In this 21st century having a urinal for potty training, is the source of problems. It starts a bad habit that perpetuates a sad legacy of filthy toilets. Therefore, before even considering teaching your boy using a urinal, rethink the entire toilet training process. Potty training a boy normally begins with him sitting on a tiny potty chair. He understands sitting down to pee and poo, and later tradition dictates changing to peeing standing up.

This toddler grows into a preschooler and child and teenage and young adult and a grown man using the same method urinating standing up. At each growth stage, he creates a mess with his urine and smelly urine odor for someone to clean. Think about it, all the problems start with the potty training urinal. Therefore, it is easy to see why potty training urinals are the beginning of problems and decide to by-pass the training of urinating standing up.

Training a boy in using a urinal has problems. If, a public restroom does not have a urinal for a small boy, what is he to do? Often, a little boy cannot stand up and reach the urinal, and he splashes his urine on the floor. Even worse, little boys like to reach and touch things with their hands and he may hold the unhygienic urinal.

Another problem with urinal training is bowel movements. When a boy is sitting down on a potty or a toilet, he is free to have a bowel moment if it suddenly comes upon him. What if, he is standing up at a urinal and trying to pee and the urge to have a bowel movement comes upon him? He has a serious problem that a urinal cannot address, and without quick action and finding a stall with a toilet bowl, he stools in his pants.

What is the practical solution? The new unisex toilet training: sitting down for both urination and bowel movement. Skipping the potty training urinal problems altogether and preventing years of cleaning urine mess and smelly odors and filthy urinals. Therefore, the smart thing is to avoid potty training problems.

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