Top 10 Tips on Potty Training Toddlers

Some tips on potty training may help make the process easier because potty training toddlers can frustrate some people. These top 10 tips for training toddlers will keep the process as stress free. These will make one successful with the process.

Potty Training Toddlers

1. Look for signs of readiness. The toddler will give signals that they know they need to go pee or poo. They may walk to a quiet corner or to another room even to pee and poo. They may wake up in the morning with a dry diaper. These are good signs it is time to start the training process.

2. Introduce the potty chair. Toddlers can be wary little persons. For instance, if one trusts a potty in
front of a toddler and demand they lose the diaper and have a seat. That produces resistance and leads to conflict. Instead, allowing the child to "get to know" the potty before they sit down on it is a much better idea with better results.

3. Start slow. Slow and steady win the race with toddler potty training. At first have the toddler sit on the potty fully clothed with no expectation. After, a few days take the toddler out of the bath and naked. Have them sit on the chair and allow them time to sit and do nothing. Tell them what the potty is for and encourage them to use it.

4. Sit and pee. Train a toddler to sit and pee because it just makes sense. Remember, it is as essential for little boys as it is for little girls. Train little boys to continue sitting down to pee. Even when they are growing older because it much better for them. It is easier now and both cleaner and healthier for them later.

5. Use Cloth. If a child usually wears a disposable diaper, they rarely get to feel the wetness. This may be why children in disposables train later because they do not display "readiness" spoken of in the number one spot. However, with cloth diapers when they have an accident. They feel the wetness, and this helps to shorten the training time.

6. Offer rewards for the small things. Have something handy like their favorite treat or a small toy. It could even be a time snuggling in your lap reading a book or watching a favorite TV show. Offer the reward for the first time they go pee in the potty. Continue to offer these rewards for a few days until they establish they need to pee in the potty each time.

7. Offer rewards for the big things. The big things are when they go poop in the potty and when they stay dry all night. Make it a big reward, like a toy they want. Show them the reward and tell them once they "poop in the potty" or "wake up with a dry bed" they will get the big reward.

8. Schedule peeing time. Toddlers have good memories when they develop the habit. Help them to succeed at potty training by gently reminding them every hour or so to go sit on the potty chair. After a few weeks or months allow a day without these little reminders and see if they get the idea.

9. Expect accidents. Toddlers are not perfect so expect occasional accidents. They will forget to sit on the potty. Also, adults will forget to remind them, and they will wet their pants. Just be prepared and have clean dry pants nearby at all times for those "just in case" moments.

10. Practice patience. It takes a lot of patience to start potty training toddlers. These top 10 tips on potty training toddlers should make the process a lot easier. However, to make sure there is no frustration, just add a dash of patience to guarantee the success!

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