Toddler Potty Training Using
the Best Method

Toddler potty training with the best method makes the task easy both for parents and also  for a child's rite of passage: from "babyhood", to "preschool."

Toddler  on Blue Potty

Children need to be potty trained before they enter school. Therefore, parents only have a short couple of years to accomplish the training. Some parents have an easy time while others struggle with their child. The following helpful ideas will make potty training a toddler faster, better and easier than any other method.

Look For Readiness Signs

Children will give little signs they are ready for the next step going from diapers to toddler potty training. They are dryer and cleaner for longer periods during the day and poo or pee around the same times. Another hint is they stop what they are doing and go somewhere quiet. Also, the night diaper is dry. Those send signals on a child's readiness for the next step of training.

Are They Able to Sit and Stand?

It would be certainly difficult to potty train a baby that is crawling but not walking. When a child reaches their toddler growth, they learn how to stand, walk, and sit without assistance. That is an extremely important sign because it signals they are ready to potty train.

Introduce the Potty Chair

How to introduce the Potty Chair is something to consider. Some toddlers are skeptical of new things that are unusually big.  Placing a potty chair down and proceeding to remove the diaper from a toddler. Then hastily putting the young one on the chair is one method for instant failure. The better approach is a simple and gentle introduction to the potty chair. Perhaps, place the potty down in the midst of toys. This allows the toddler get to know the potty chair and get accustom to this new equipment. This process may take a couple of days. Do not rush it but be patient and gentle. Also, tell the child what this new equipment is for and help them to sit on it. These are some of the methods for properly introducing the Potty Chair.

Ditch the Disposables

One idea is to ditch the disposables for cloth training pants. It may seem like a crazy suggestion. So let's explain why. Children need to know what it feels like when they pee. They need to experience wet clothes or even a wet bed. Therefore, a smart idea is to put on a pair of waterproof pants over their cloth training pants. A parent would also need to be diligent and check often to see if youngster pee or poo. As messy as this is, they will potty train faster than with disposables. It is also a smart idea to put on disposable training pants when away from home. This helps a child to remain clean until returning return home. An alternative is asking little ones every half hour if they need to go potty.

Teach Boys to Pee Sitting Down

There is no need to try so hard to teach a toddler boy to stand as part of their toddler potty training. Sitting to pee is easier, cleaner and healthier for boys.

Make a Potty Time Schedule

A good idea is to make a potty time schedule, never assume the child will go and sit on the potty chair. Some toddlers learn quickly, and others are slowly learners. The key is patience and persistence. Set a timer for a half an hour.  at first gets them to sit down on the potty and encourage them to pee. Do not force them to sit there for a long time, let them get up when they wish. Show, them some reward as an incentive. Once they start pee set schedule for potty time. Perhaps ask them every hour if they need to pee. A brilliant idea is for them sit down on the potty when they wake up and after meals.

Incentive Work Wonders

An incentive can work wonders in toddler potty training. Why so? Children love to receive presents, gifts and rewards. A good incentive is holding a reward before a child. It is like dangling the proverbial carrot as a reward. Have a few things on hand to use as rewards such as a few  small things and one big. It can be anything they want. The small things can be a favorite treat, a small toy, a trip for ice cream. For the larger reward it a toy, a book, a new package of big boy or girl pants, an outfit, something they want. Show them the gift and tell them, "If you go pee in the potty, they will get the 'small this."

As, soon as they perform the act of nature reward them with the small item. The larger item will be for when they go poo in the potty because this takes a little longer to master that peeing. Show them their rewards every day. Also, reward them for sleeping all night without wetting the bed.  True, toddler potty training is a trying task for most parents, but this is the best method for potty training used today.

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