Prevent Toilet Seat up Issues with Unisex
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Finding a toilet seat up is one of the most disturbing issues for both men and women. Happily, Unisex Toilet Training and Toilet Retraining solve those issues. How so? First, teaching the correct use of the toilet that the design of a toilet bowl is for bowel movement. Whereas, the design of the urinal is for males to stand up and urinate in a public toilet and the urinal is gender-specific.

Second, when both genders use the same toilet, that facility becomes a unisex toilet. Therefore, the toilet bowl in the picture below is a unisex toilet equipment and not gender-specific like the urinal. Why is that distinction beneficial? Because major seat up issues result from the wrong use of the toilet.

Toilet Seat Up

Unisex Toilet Equipment Wrong Use

The unisex toilet equipment wrong use is what the majority of men practice. Although, the toilet bowl design is for sitting down they insist on standing up and raising the toilet seat and peeing into the bowl. This is the wrong use of the unisex toilet at home toilet and the one-toilet establishment and the public toilet.

Furthermore, that is the exact reason why, toilet seats are in the up position. A male lifts the seat and urinates in the standing position and often forgets to lower the seat after his use. Which is perhaps the main cause of the seat up issue.

Sadly, the seat in that position results in unpleasant experiences when one does not observe the seat is up. They proceed to sit down and this lower drop jolts the back and thighs and the buttocks hit the cold toilet rim. Sometimes the buttock may even touch the cold water. What, a terrible feeling for either male or female! Those issues are all taken care of with Unisex Toilet Training and Toilet Retraining.

Women Primary Victims of Seat Up Issues

It is true women are the primary victims of the toilet seat up issues. Why so? Women sit down and urinate and never raise the toilet seat at home, unless to clean it. As a result, subconsciously they do not relate to the seat in the up position at all.

The other reason, women are the primary victims of the seat up experiences. Women go to the bathroom at night without switching on the lights. Sitting down and urinating in complete darkness without messing the floor and using electricity.

Men, in the same home, although seeing the outstanding benefits of urinating sitting down. The majority of men still continue peeing standing up. Using electricity and peeing on their clothing and the floor and producing urine odors. All of which are eliminated with Unisex Toilet Training and Toilet Retraining.

What is amazing, the female in the home the person using the toilet the correct way. Usually have to clean up the urine odors she did not cause and when she expresses her disgust of the recurring urine odors some men become angry.

What is appalling they still continue with the unclean habit of raising the toilet seat and urinating standing up. It is extremely difficult to understand such a mindset, isn't that correct? That is why Unisex Toilet Training for boys and Toilet Retraining for men are essential. Those two processes take into account the toilet bowl design.

Toilet Bowl Design

The seat up issue is a forerunner to other problems when we compare the design of the toilet bowl and the urinal. As discussed earlier the toilet bowl is for defecating and not urinating. Using the toilet standing up and urinating produces several unsanitary and unhygienic and cleaning issues. For example, a urinal has a back-splash and a wall. Yet, the toilet floor and surrounding area get splatters, spills and sprays; when men stand and urinate.

Could men standing and urinating at home, have a different outcome than standing up at a urinal? Remember the home toilet design is for sitting down. So if, men stand up to urinate at home, where are the back-splash and the wall? The raised toilet seat, the seat, the lid, the hinges and the rim become substitutes for the back-splash, and wall of the urinal and they get the urine that goes astray.

Consequently, even when a male performs acceptable etiquette and lowers the seat after use. There is still a significant problem because all the raised equipment becomes targets for urine deposits of sprinkles and squirts and the drips.

That is why the new Unisex Toilet Training and Toilet Retraining prevent seat up issues. In addition, sitting down and urinating produces clean toilets. Whereas, standing up and urinating creates smelly filthy unsanitary toilets.

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