Boys Toilet Training for Toddlers that
Works Faster than Other Methods

The new boys toilet training for toddlers works faster than the other old fashioned methods. Standard toilet training is different for boys and girls. This sure fire way to train boys is easy works faster. The "unisex" method is the best method especially for boys.

Young Boy on the Potty

Train to Sit Down

Both boys and girls do better sitting down on the potty. It would be impossible for little boys to stand up and get the pee in the potty. If a boy toddler stands up to pee his urine, will go all over the place and
his leg. This requires a major clean-up of the area. Then you must bathe and redress him. On the other hand, if he sits down just as would a little girl, eliminates the mess.

Why Reward Children

Why reward children some may ask?  All the child has to do is sit on the potty for both calls of nature. However, rewards and lots of praise are in order when they eliminate in the potty. They can also receive larger rewards when they go all night with a dry bed. This reward can be his favorite snack.

Success Depends on Habits

Potty training success depends on habits. An orderly routine helps with progress and avoids accidents. It is true a child will still wet their pants. This requires patience and understanding and encouragement in using the potty. Also, gentle reminders ever so often throughout the day help as well. This needs to be a habit for both parent or caregiver and child. When toddlers get busy playing or watching cartoons, they usually forget they need to go potty. Just remind them.

Continue Sitting Down

The facts are that if boys grow up and continue sitting down to pee they will make progress faster. Why? They will have fewer instances of peeing on the toilet floor than if they were standing up. Feeling disappointment also and seeing the frustration on the parents face. Standing up and peeing and getting urine into a toilet bowl is difficult for an adult. Imagine how much more so for a little boy. The home bathrooms will be free of urine spills and smell better when boys sits to pee. Therefore, train boys to sit to pee and continue to do so as they grow up. The new boys’ toilet training for toddlers is faster and cleaner than the other old fashioned methods.

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