What You Will Learn in Unisex
Toilet Retraining Book

Unisex Toilet Retraining is an exclusive book changing aged-old traditions and meeting 21 st Century global demands. Clean bathrooms at home without urine odors, and clean public restrooms worldwide.

 The book is for MEN who...

  • Want to get rid of stepping into puddles of urine in public toilets
Unisex Toilet Retraining
  • Understand why their urine goes off course and lands in unintended places
  • Discover the secret of how to empty urine in the penis and stop embarrassing urine stains and odors on pants
  • Learn what traps urine in the penis and how to avoid dripping, drainage and wetting pants after urinating
  • How to please a partner that dislikes smelly urine odor and hates cleaning it up
  • How to end the most common complaints against husbands, the mess they make while peeing
  • Why a lifetime of practice of standing and urinating does not improve aiming one's urine
  • See why a partially blind,or half-asleep or blind man can urinate without messing up the bathroom. Whereas, a man with 20/20 vision in the full light day WILL mess up a bathroom
  • Overcome the fear of bashing the penis while shaking and dipping the penis into water in the toilet bowl when urinating sitting down
  • The strongest undeniable proof for urinating sitting down
  • The predicament all men face and why it is foolish to think otherwise

 The book is for WOMEN who...

  • Hates the smell of human urine odor in bathrooms and dislikes cleaning it
  • Wants to get rid of the odor once and for all times without recurring clean ups
  • Wants to satisfy her desire for a clean smelling bathroom and save embarrassment when she has visitors

The book for NATIONS explains...

  • Why the increase in unisex toilets worldwide requires urgent toilet retraining for men
  • The daily flow and enormous quantities of urine in developed nations demand the best practice of urine disposal
  • Four major factors that provide the large picture and places urine disposal in its proper perspective
  • How to make using one-toilet establishments a pleasant experience for both genders

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