What You Will Learn in
Unisex Toilet Training Book

Unisex toilet training is what women desire for years:  uncomplicated toilet training for girls and boys. That eliminates teaching boys peeing standing up. Also, shortens toilet training time and prevents urine squirts, odors and messy clean ups of the bathroom.

Unisex Toliet Training Book

Unisex potty training is superior and...

  • Gets rid of the messy clean up from training little boys how to pee standing up
  • Shows a first-time mom a simple toilet training method she can teach whatever the gender
  • Empowers a single Mom to toilet train a son, and not depend on a male role model
  • Provides a professional woman fast-tract, safe toilet training for boy or girl to quickly return to her career
  • Helps, a mother of multiple births and mixed genders: save time, the extra work and avoid toilet training frustration
  • Gets rid of the traumatic experiences: a mom teaching, and a boy learning to pee standing up.
  • Benefits a mom and siblings that follow, regardless of gender and interval(s) between births

The book explains...

  • Does it take longer to toilet train boys than girls? Discover, the truth and what matters most
  • The two biggest controversial toilet training issues and what helps a mother to make the right choice
  • Five powerful reasons why training boys to urinate sitting down removes key disadvantages
  • Discover the main reason boys usually have accidents. Pee and poo in their pants during toilet training and how parents can prevent it

The book also discusses...

  • Why male and female child-rearing experts are aware of the legacy of training boys' peeing standing up. See why they still recommend it?
  • Why child-rearing experts stern warning to mothers on teaching boys standing up and peeing. “It is messy so be prepared to clean up urine.” See, why that statement misleads some mothers
  • Child-rearing experts say girls toilet train quicker than boys may be because of observing someone with the same equipment. Get, the truth on that subject.
  • Discover how parents confuse toddler boys and girls. Slows down toilet training and creates cleaning problems for Mom
  • Key differences between unisex toilet training and standard toilet training. See which method contributes to clean bathrooms at home and public toilets worldwide
  • Proven method to make sure unisex potty training is right for your child.

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